The organization of this competition would like to thank all the participants, voters and jury members for all the feedback received during this competition. We are now glad to publicly announce the official results, which can be seen at the competition website:

1. PUBLIC Winner and honorable mentions

By 28th February 2013, 18PM (Lisbon time) we had registered 564 votes on the “Urban Reflections” project by Raquel Nunes, Sacha Mendozza, Victoria Burgos, followed by “Intersections” by Jacopo Feslikenian with 249 votes and “When I blink my eyes I see the world twice” by Bruno Carnide and Cátia Biscaia with 195 votes. These were declared, respectively, the winner and the honorable mentions. Congratulations!

2. JURY Winner and honorable mentions

After a series of discussions between the jury members, it was decided to award the first prize to the project “Intermission” by Cláudio Reis (which received the majority of votes) and two honorable mentions to the projects “Industrial Symphony” by Nelson Miranda and “When I blink my eyes I see the world twice” by Bruno Carnide and Cátia Biscaia.

Jury comments were summarized as follows:

“Industrial Symphony” was considering a strong and well realised work, both aesthetically and content wise. The project of an abandoned factory was intriguing and presented a good balance between technique and content. However, it was appointed that, despite the good work and the conjuring of “a bit of a mood”, the pictures could be better arranged to create a narrative out of the space that was photographed – in the manner of a symphony. The first photograph was advised to be removed from the series.

“Intermission” series was considered to have five very strong images (1,7,8,9,12) and recommendations were made for the author to focus on that ones, amending the editing. It was also stated that photography could not be judged by separating techinque and context but by merging them together. “Intermission” was considered the best photographic work presented to this competition, with good technical and artistic quality, although with a somehow tenuous idea of “narrative”.

“When I blink my eyes II see the world twice” was considered to have a good concept behind it.”.

We would like to congratulate the winners and honorable mentions from both jury and public awards.

For all those that have not been awarded in this competition, we thank you for your participation and efforts.



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